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Cat Food Bowl Small Pet Bowl Steel Pet Feeder Non Skid Dry Food Bowl Puppy Food Bowl 2 Pack Set

January 29, 2019 - Comment

Stainless Steel Dog Bowl – Set of 2 Product Features Non-skid

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Stainless Steel Dog Bowl – Set of 2

Product Features

  • Non-skid


Anonymous says:

Greenbrier hired some geniuses Seriously, who puts the world’s strongest sticker in an animal’s bowl?? You should always thoroughly clean a new bowl before use, but if you don’t take extra care with these bowls, your animal is going to ingest this crap. We live in a modern society with dull stickers, which were made exactly for this purpose. If I ever get these things off, maybe I’ll leave a proper review.

Anonymous says:

shallow bowls are fine for cats These light weight, shallow bowls are fine for cats. However, the rubbery material that wraps around the base, which keeps the bowls from sliding around, smells so badly that I had to remove it in order to use the bowls. It was a really toxic smell that I couldn’t stand, much less have my cats eat around. I’m keeping the bowls because it’s not worth sending them back, but I would not recommend them.

Anonymous says:

Disappointed and expected better quality I didn’t realize this when I purchased, but these bowls are from the Dollar Tree. They arrived smelling strongly of rubber. The stickers on the bottom say “Greenbrier” which is Dollar Tree brand. I could have purchased these down the road for $2 instead of nearly $8. Disappointed and expected better quality.

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