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Embark Adventure Dog Harness, Easy On and Off with Front and Back Leash Attachment Points & Control Handle – No Pull Training, Size Adjustable and No Choke (Large – Orange)

January 23, 2019 - Comment

Embark’s rugged adventure dog harness is a lightweight & durable everyday harness made from no-rip nylon and anti-chafe padding. It’s fully adjustable on your dog’s stomach & upper chest to ensure a comfortable & secure fit. It only takes a matter of seconds to get on and off, so you can easily get out for

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Embark’s rugged adventure dog harness is a lightweight & durable everyday harness made from no-rip nylon and anti-chafe padding. It’s fully adjustable on your dog’s stomach & upper chest to ensure a comfortable & secure fit. It only takes a matter of seconds to get on and off, so you can easily get out for an easy walk or run! The harness features two attachment points – the front attachment should only be used in a training setting, teaching your dog to walk behind you and to heel. It is not designed to bear the stress of constant pulling like the back attachment. The dog harness large breed has been designed to distribute the force of pulling evenly, compared to a collar, which concentrates on your dog’s trachea

SEE SIZING CHART BELOW & IN IMAGES (measure around thickest part of stomach and base of neck)

Small Size: Stomach 16 – 24″ inches | Base of Neck: 16 – 24″ inches
Medium – Stomach 24 – 31″ | Base of Neck: 17 – 25″
Large – Stomach 31 – 43″| Base of Neck – 18 – 26″
XL – Stomach 43 – 47″ | Base of Neck – 19 – 32″

Our harness works great for different shapes and sizes!

Smaller breeds: Beagle, French Bulldog, Yorkshire, Boston Terrier, Dachshund, Miniature Schnauzer, Cocker & King Charles Spaniel, Pug, ect

Medium breeds: Boxer, Bulldog, English Springer Spaniel, Border Collie, ect

Large Breeds: Pitbull, Siberian Husky, Lab, Labrador, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler, ect

Features & Benefits:

– Durable, high quality, made from no-rip Nylon
– Anti chafe padding for comfort
– Quadruple Stitching and military grade thread for durability
– 2 modes – No Pull (front range Training mode) and regular mode
– Reflective trim for nighttime visibility-
Customizable sizing for secure fit
– Handle for additional assistance control and lifting if your dog is senior, elderly, disabled or recovering from injury or a service dog

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Product Features

  • ✅ EASY TO PUT ON AND TAKE OFF – Our large dog harness needs to only be adjusted once and you’re ready for adventure. Simply adjust the neck and chest size then slip over your dog’s head. Removing the harness is just as easy. We also constructed an easy control handle on the back, which allows you to assist your big dog or control them when needed. Now you’re ready for a walk, run or training session. Breeds such as: Lab, Labrador German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Boxer, Pitbull, & more
  • ✅ ADJUSTABLE SIZE FOR A COMFORTABLE FIT – You can take control and customize the fit for each harness to provide your dog a comfortably snug fit. PLEASE SEE SIZING CHART IN IMAGES. The soft padded interior of the harness provides a level of comfort that cheaper harnesses don’t have. We’ve spared no expense when constructing your dog walking harness with durable, high quality modern materials to be lightweight so your dog can move around freely
  • ✅ DESIGNED FOR EVERYDAY DURABLE USE – Feel secure, knowing your freedom no pull dog harness is quadruple sewn with military grade nylon thread, all the way through the harness at back attachment point. Well suited for service, rescue, therapy and dogs needing assistance. Also compatible with seat belt attachments. Ours is the best dog harness no pull on the market and allows for bigger breeds: Siberian Husky, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Vizsla, Irish Setter, Chesapeake Bay & more
  • ✅ REINFORCED FRONT LEASH ATTACHMENT – Our harness features a no pull front leading leash attachment point, which has been tripled in strength since we’ve introduced the harness. The front attachment point can be used for training, while walking in front of your dog, helping you train them to heel and to stop pulling! The standard back attachment point is for every day use: traditional walking or running with your dog and is designed to spread the force of pulling across your dog’s neck
  • ✅ EMBARK 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We guarantee you’ll love the harness and it will fit comfortably or we’ll replace with a different size. We also promise you’ll love the look, feel and quality. Give our harness a try and YOU decide. Get started on your anti pull training right now. If you’re not happy, simply contact us for our 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means you have NO RISK to try the Embark dog harness vest today! Our guarantee also extends to gifts, Christmas and other


Anonymous says:

Unfortunate D ring failure The harness itself is well built , fits nicely and looks good however the D ring used for the front failed in my first day out. I noticed the connection at the top is well designed and based on that I figured the front would be the same but it is not. Unfortunately I normally stay away from these D clips for the very reason they over time widen and can slip through the fabrics loop and come off, when I noticed this I added a second collar just in case and as I was walking I noticed the D ring…

Anonymous says:

I’m in LOVE with this harness I’m in LOVE with this harness.We have small standard Daschshund and he is 18 inches long but he is very fit and we have had a hard time finding the best harness that would fit him and not pull. ( we know his back is sensitive)I love the material. I first bought a small one, it was too big so I returned and bought a XS and tá da! It’s perfect, great material, we fell a lot safer that he can’t get out of it! Buying another one when our another puppy get big enough for XS!

Anonymous says:

Loving the harness! My 10 yr old dog (60lb Pittbull/Beagle) just had ACL surgery and I was looking for a good harness to keep him under wraps for the duration of his recovery. I’ve been using the harness for a few days now and can’t be happier with it. 5/5- No pull front leash attachments works amazingly well- Super easy to adjust- Fits comfortably on my dog- Extremely easy to put on / take off- Is made with reflective material for night time walking

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