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Magicfly Hygrometer and Thermometer for Egg Incubator, Reptile Tank/Terrarium, Digital Indoor Temperature Gauge and Humidity Meter Monitor, Black

January 27, 2019 - Comment

SpecificationsTemperature measuring range: -10~70℃(14~158 ℉)Humidity measuring range: 10%~99%RHTemperature accuracy: 1 ℃Humidity accuracy: 5%Measurement period: 5SPower supply: 3V CR2032 Button BatterySize: 88*48*14mmNet weight: 43gCable length: 4.6Feet Manuals:1.[C/F]:Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature switch button.2.[SET] : Keep pressing the “set” button to set temperature / humidity HI/LO alert data.3.[CLR]: Under normal display state ,press “CLR” to clear the Max

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Temperature measuring range: -10~70℃(14~158 ℉)
Humidity measuring range: 10%~99%RH
Temperature accuracy: 1 ℃
Humidity accuracy: 5%
Measurement period: 5S
Power supply: 3V CR2032 Button Battery
Size: 88*48*14mm
Net weight: 43g
Cable length: 4.6Feet

1.[C/F]:Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature switch button.
2.[SET] : Keep pressing the “set” button to set temperature / humidity HI/LO alert data.
3.[CLR]: Under normal display state ,press “CLR” to clear the Max and Min
data. Under the settingstate, press “CLR” to adjust data.
4.[MODE]: Under normal display state ,press “MODE” to open / close temperature and humidity auto switch display function. Under the setting state, press “MODE” to open / close alert function.
5.[Toggle switch]: Turn on / Turn off (on back of thermometer).

1. Keep the screen clean, avoid to dust, oil build-up etc.
2.Don’t drop the product .
3.This product is not waterproof,please keep it away from water.
4. When the display dimmed, please replace the battery in time.
5. LCD screen is a capacitive touch screen, please use finger-pulp instead of nails to touch the keys.

Package includes:
Temperature Humidity Gauge (battery included)
User manual

Product Features

  • ACCURATE MONITORING: Our Magicfly Digital Thermometer & Humidity Gauge is precisewithin ± 1 f temperature and ± 5%rh humidity levels of both the temperature and humidity of your egg incubator or reptile terrarium tank, which is important to the long term health.
  • MAX/MIN MEMORY: Temperature and humidity recording digital thermometer / hygrometer consecutively stores the minimum and maximum values, so you are always up to date on any deviations in the terrarium.
  • LED Touch Screen, You can set the Thermometer & Humidity Gauge by touch screen and you can also set the temperature and humidity alarm if needed
  • COME WITH 2-IN-1 SENSOR for temperature & humidity, which allows for maximum flexibility during installation for larger terrariums, comes with strong suction cup for mounting the probes on the terrarium glass.
  • PERFECT for use in incubators, brooders, cigar rooms any other place that requires monitoring of temperature and humidity levels


Anonymous says:

not very accurate, wouldn’t recomend for egg monitoring Bought this unit for my Ball python egg boxes due to the probe reading both temp & humidity. Problem I found is this unit isn’t that accurate and read about 4 to 5 degrees off.*Update: After Magicfly read my review above they contacted me and sent me another unit. They were very helpful and the new unit came pretty fast. I was hoping I had just gotten a defective unit, however after receiving the 2nd unit I found it was a bit better but also was 2 – 3 degrees off. Both units read…

Anonymous says:

it looks like it’s picture & functions like it’s supposed to i bought this because their egg candler works so well. the 1st few days i used this, i got really high readings, then it seemed to self-adjust? i’m still not certain it’s accurate…which was the purpose of the purchase…to get an accurate temperature reading in my incubator. but, in all fairness…the error may be the incubator & not the hygro’/thermo’, hence, the 4. otherwise, it looks like it’s picture & functions like it’s supposed to.

Anonymous says:

Excellent product Perfect and easy to read. I am using it after my chickens hatched to monitor the heat in their new home! Check it with your incubator for a trial run to make sure he corresponds with your incubator and check it against you temperature of your house that way you will know the correct numbers for what you need. Every thermometer can vary a little. But im perfectly happy.

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